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we are back live. the police chief with further details, perhaps details on this story. so far, there has been no arrests announced and the police here in prince georges county are appealing. we'll wait to hear what they have to say about this crime. the fifth student of prince georges county students to die by murder this school year. reporting live in palmer park, scott broom, wusa9. >> all right, scott, angry, frustrated, everybody looking for answers. we do have new information on
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the death of a woman who was found murdered in her home. fairfax county police say jennifer pearson was pregnant. firefighters found pearson's body after responding to smoke in her second floor apartment down in reston. investigators say she suffered some kind of trauma to her upper body before the fire started. police have not identified a suspect or a motive in this case. lesli. >> one bad decision led to another that thought leaving their detention center and stealing a vehicle was a good idea. so here's how it all ended. crashed and smashed into a home right up the steps. now fortunately, no one was inside that house. they sure do have a story to tell. this all happened on wellington road in manassas and our greg gise brings us the story. >> it was a loud noise. >> reporter: moments of terror. >> i think the house was
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crumbling. >> as a stolen truck storms into the front door. freida could think only of her five-year-old daughter who was near that front door. >> i jumped down that on the stairs. i just saw her screaming. i was so happy, i took her and rushed out. >> rushed outside to safety. leaving even her shoes behind. >> it didn't occur to me, because that -- >> in the confusion, police mistakingly cuffed her daughter. >> they put me in handcuffs. one of the people. >> prince william county police say the chevy truck was stolen overnight in manassas. by four juveniles who hours earlier, illegally left a detention home. about 7:30 this morning, a sheriff deputy spotted the truck. >> the sheriff deputy tried to
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stop that vehicle and the vehicle fled. >> the pickup truck skidded off cardinal drive, dodged an elm tree and slammed into the house. the four juveniles were caught in nearby woods. >> we have everyone detained. >> this evening, alumba and his family are counting their blessings. >> it's god's grace. >> in dale city, greg geiss, wusa9. >> a nearby elementary school was temporarily placed on lockdown until those teens were captured. >> to bowie now where a house was going to need major repair work after a different car barreled through a brick wall. no one was near at the time of the crash. the 40-year-old woman behind the wheel of the car was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. police say she was driving down a hill when she simply lost control. anita. >> the mother of a toddler whose father is charged with
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murdering him is now suing a virginia doctor and a psychological professional group in ashburn in how this case was handled. peggy fox joins us. does she blame this doctor for the child's death? >> the doctor did tell a judge thatway rahms could have unsupervised visits. >> my understanding is he took my son, he stripped off all of his clothes and held him under water until he died. >> kara's son just learned to say the word, ball, when he was killed in october. he was charged with first- degree murder in the boy's drowning death. rams has been a murder suspect before. >> mr. rams has a long history of violence. he was a suspect in connection with the 2003 death of his girlfriend. he was a suspect in the 2008
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death of his mother. >> mccloud's attorney says rahms never held a job and living off the life insurance proceeds from his mother's death, which was ruled a suicide by suffocation. rahms has taken out an insurance policy on little prince. >> he took out $550,000 of life insurance on a 15 month old child. that is not something that is normal person does. >> when i first saw him, i did have a strange feeling about him. >> mccloud said she believed the lies rams told about his life, that is until he raped her sister, she says. mccloud fled to maryland with prince, then in september, the judge granted juaquin unsupervised visits with prince. >> he essentially paid them to ignore evidence and lie for him. >> mccloud has filed a $20
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million lawsuit against both the ashburn psychological services and dr. margaret wong, who evaluated rams. neither wong or the center's owner would return our calls. they relied on the doctor's negligent finding that rams was safe to have unsupervised visits with prince. >> he was a psychopath and a long trail of evidence, all of which was ignored. >> prince william commonwealth attorney says those other two deaths connected to juaquin, his former girlfriends and mother is still under investigation. the murder of prince rams, those charges against rams could be bumped up to a capital case. he could be eligible for the death penalty. >> is mccloud scared at any point of him? >> she absolutely was. when she fled, she thought it was going be her who would be killed. in fact, she was so concerned she wrote 200 letters to her
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little baby, thinking she may not survive. it turns out he's the one that didn't survive. she's fighting for justice. she believes if this lawsuit goes through, it would say otherwise. oscar pistorius is weeping today as his lawyer, again, denied the olympic track star murdered his girlfriend. >> former olympian, oscar pistorius headed back to jail. the 26-year-old accused killer broke down in tears during a closed court hearing where his lawyer called the shooting of pistorius's girlfriend an accident. the double amputee track star said he shot reeva steenkamp in his home because he thought she was an intruder. when he thought there was someone in the bathroom and fired shots while he was not wearing his artificial leg. then, he felt horror and fear
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when he realized his 29-year- old girlfriend was not in bed. but prosecutors accused pistorius of premeditated murder. they said he put on his legs, walked across the room and pumped four bullets through the bathroom door where steenkamp was cowering. they gathered for a private funeral. >> family. >> steenkamp often campaigned against domestic violence. her brother hopes her message will remain strong. >> we will try and continue with the things that she tried to make better. >> pistorius was deeply in love with his girlfriend and she died in his arms after he bashed in the bathroom door with a cricket bat. he faces life in prison if convicted of premeditated
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murder. tina krause, cbs news. >> he will face the harshest penalties. president obama says allen is retiring to address some family health issues rather than go forward with his nomination to be the next nato commander in europe. his wife is coping with some chronic health issues that include an autoimmune disorder. general allen was caught up, that caused david pee pennsylvania petreus. surrounded himself with police and firefighters today while urging lawmakers to avoid $85 billion in automatic spending cuts. the white house wants a solution that including spending cuts and tax increases. but after agreeing to tax increases during the last fiscal cliff negotiations, many republicans are standing their
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ground this time around. >> let me be very clear and i say this to the president as i say it to you. these spending cuts are going to go through on march 1. taxes are off the table. >> believing it would force them to reach a budget deal, congress created this deadline. but lawmakers are on vacation this week and will have a few days to come to a deal when they get back to capitol hill. >> let's go back live to prince georges county police headquarters where a news conference is underway in the murder of cj walker. >> we'll begin with chief mcgraw. >> good evening. the murder investigation of charles walker still very active. just barely one-day old. i want to first and foremost offer my personal condolences to the family during this most difficult time. our detectives have worked tirelessly since yesterday.
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we are now developing suspects. thanks so several crime solver's tips. we appreciate the community's input and encourage others to come forward as well. much has been said on social media sites. those versions of yesterday's tragedy are incorrect. the motive of this case is robbery, involving a pair of shoes that were being carried in a shopping bag. we anticipate this case will close quickly. the senseless violence takes a young life, the police department and our community grieve. when five high school students are killed within the 2012-2013 school year, we want accountable. i stand here today with angela, our state's attorney. and michael blow, the director of school security, to proclaim in necessary partners to stop violence against young people.
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an announcement of the upcoming partnerships will be forthcoming in days ahead. we plan to involve interfaith and other nonprofit groups in this necessary fight to reduce violence against young people. at the core of all of our strouties will be the focus of conflict resolution. in the meantime, our agency and the state's attorney office are making progress in the ross homicide investigation. we will have a significant announcement next week. we have already made arrests in the murder of reyes and marcus jones. significant leads are being vigorously pursued in the amber stanley case as well. i anticipate all of these cases to close with a rest. we will keep the community media updated as this investigation progresses.
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thank you. >> thank you. good afternoon. i want to just first begin by thanking chief mcgraw and this department for the work they are doing. as he indicated, we expect all of these cases will close and what i want to say tonight, to the community, is that we are vigilant. we will ensure justice is done as the chief has indicated. we expect an arrest to be made and after those arrests are made, you can expect we will prosecute those cases to the full extent of the law. and we will bring these individuals to justice. but even after we have done that, after we arrest and prosecute, it's not enough. i want the community to understand that i stand here today, as the state's attorney, not just concerned, but i am really enraged that a young person in our community can't walk the streets with a shopping bag without being shot in the back. that's something that aught to be of concern to our entire community. so we will do our work. the police have done their work. they will arrest the individual. we will bring them to justice
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and we need our community to come together, to ensure we're not just reacting. something greater has to be done. we need our parents to wrap their arms around their children. to teach them the proper values. go to school, work hard, and then buy tennis shoes. we don't kill individuals for tennis shoes. we will bring these individuals to justice. we will make announcements. we will work with our comnt county executive to make sure we are able to wrap our arms around young people with our faith community. but more has to be done to ensure this violence does not continue. it is unacceptable. we understand that. again, we'll do everything we can on the public safety end of things. we will continue to do so, but we need their engagement. we need the engagement of every parent in our community, whether this is your child or not, we need the engagement of every parent and every citizen in this community to ensure that the violence stops. thank you. >> you have been listening live to a press conference at
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prince georges county police headquarters where we are looking at the death of the fifth prince georges county student in the last few months. charles was the latest to be killed. the police chief says he was apparently killed over a pair of shoes and a bag that he was carrying. he also said while this case is barely a day old, they expect to make arrests soon and expects to close this case very quickly. he and angela, the state's attorney, expressed their outrage and sadness over the level of crime and violence against young people in prince georges county. later on, there will be an announcement of combined efforts to stop that violence. we'll hear more later on. right now, we'll take a break and be back
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a messy morning. >> most folks work before the rain rolled in. now we have a line of showers and believe it or not, some thunderstorms. i know it's february, but just typical this winter. let's start with a live look outside. it's our michael and son weather cam. temperatures in the 40s. 46 downtown. that's as warm as it's been all day. that's thanks to northwest winds. pressure is still falling at 29.75 inches of mercury. here's a big picture of the radar. most of the rain is gone. a little bit of mixed precipitation north of town. now, we are tracking, these are lightning strikes. we had a call from gary. he had lightning and thunder. now we have a good line of storms pushing from frederick southward. if anybody is going home, run into heavy rain and going out toward leesburg and route 7. you'll run into some rain, although that rain is not as heavy as it was 15 minutes ago. so temperatures still 44
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rockville. 44 in bethesda. and in most cases, this is as warm as it's been all day. 44 in fairfax and springfield. we're looking at 45 in college park. 44 at andrews and 44 in waldorf. okay, so clearing and colder tonight. windchills late tonight. i know it's tuesday, but maybe some folks go out tuesday. windchills 12 to 22 late tonight. dress for the 20s tomorrow. and then still cold and dry on thursday. not quite as windy, thankfully. so clear, windy, and colder tonight. windchills in the teens late. 26 to 32 for lows. winds will increase late northwest and gusty. by morning, mostly sunny, windy, and cold. windchills in the teens and 20s again. temperatures themselves only in the 20s and 30s. and winds still 10 to 20 and gusty. by afternoon, plenty of sunshine, but windy and colder. high 36 to 40. i want you to concentrate on the windchills in the 20s. okay, next three days. for now we'll keep everything
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as a green alert. windy and cold tomorrow, 38. 41, still cold on thursday. clouds come in thursday night and we're watching showers on friday. but i think by the time the showers get in here, it will be liquid showers and not a mix. next seven days, more rain and showers on saturday and some indication it gets out of here before the day is out. temperatures near 50. great looking sunday with temperatures back into the low 50s. mid 50s on monday. are you kidding me? and tuesday, back to the 40s with some rain, possibly ending as snow late on tuesday night. great best shot. this was sent to us from debra robinson. clear spring is west of hagerstown and west of the intersection of 81 and 70. this is a great picture. it's on a quiet road. and she says that it is, let's see. it is broad road. it runs from hagerstown to
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clear spring, maryland. gives you a feeling of going back in time. yes, i agree. please go to our website. click on the weather tab. upload your picture and include your name and location and perhaps a nice poetic description. >> like that one, thanks a lot, top. the mar rid lapd couple targeted we a cop killer speak out about their ordeal. up next, police investigate what sparked a wild shooting rampage in southern
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right now, police are trying to figure out why a man went on a deadly shooting spree in southern california. three people were killed. three others injured before the gunman took his own life. it happened early this morning in orange county. the shooting spree lasted 25 minutes and moved from street to freeway. one person was killed inside a house in ladero ranch. the man started shooting at passing cars on the freeway. they also say he tried to carjack several vehicles. at least one of the carjacking victims was killed. the gunman identified as twenty- year-old ali, an unemployed part-time college student. they were at the top of christopher dorner's hit list. now the couple that was
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targeted by the fired l.a. police officer before his death last week is speaking out. los angeles police captain, phil, and his wife, are back patrolling the streets. >> when you get a phone call and they tell you that somebody is after your family and within a very short distance of your home, they have already killed somebody else's daughter, it made me sick to my stomach. >> the captain and his family refused offers to offers to go into hiding. one was the big bear. cbs news learned investigators might be closer to learning the motive behind the sandy hook school shootings, but you won't find this comforting. there's word the gunman was obsessed with another mass murder. a guy in europe. in fact, the fellow that did it
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in norway a year and a half ago. adam lanza, saw himself in a freakish competition with the norway shooter. ravic killed 77 people and lanza wanted to top that number. police call that report inaccurate, but cbs is standing by their story. a teenager behind the shooting in baltimore. wounded a classmate with down syndrome during the first day of class last year. a judge accepted that plea and agreed to sentence gladden to no more than 40 years in prison. he'll be sentenced next monday. >> a former johns hopkins hospital gynecologist at the center of an investigation is believed to have committed suicide. dr. levi was found dead at his home in towson. he was suspected of secretly recording patients. they say leavy admitted taking pictures of his patients and he
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was fired just over a week ago. hopkins set up a call center as the investigation continues. a long-time new york anchor man is charged and under arrest for allegedly choking his wife, who is also a television anchor. rob morrison is accused of attacking ashley morrison. she reports for cbs money watch. police say it happened at their house in darren, connecticut, over the weekend. they say morrison was also arrested four years ago in another case of alleged domestic violence. in a statement, the morrison's call the charges quote, greatly exaggerated. coming up, $50 million in diamonds gone in three minutes. we'll have the latest on a gigantic heist at an international airport. also ahead, a horse is a horse, of course, of course, but viral video earned this horse the name, hudini. up next, a followup to our report on pepco's smart meters.
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9 wants to know why our tests show these meters are emitting radiation far
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